just a small town girl

living in a lonely world

whey aye man
12 November 1990
Mel, 20, Uni student. Irish, Lives in Cumbria and Sussex depending on if I'm at Uni or not. Has Northern English- Scottish accent. Loves music, shopping, just having fun really. Hates backstabbers, close minded people and homophobes. Dresses quirky sometimes, sings often, never shuts up. Good friend, average singer, rubbish liar. Often witty, Never bitchy.

Talking complete rubbish, singing loudly, living for the moment, being spontanteous, dancing for the lulz, not caring what people think, occasional rants, pointless memes, witty commentatory of days i've had, saying Scouse accents are beautfiul, seeing photos that don't flatter anyone, pointing out random things, falling over, laughing at me with me, and getting sidetracked by the little details that make you laugh.

A bit crazy, always happy and laughing, having fun, easy going and relaxed. A bit loud and talkative. Life's too short to have regrets, laugh at the things that embrass you and don't change for anyone but you. if you're happy with you are, the people that matter will be too

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